Talking mouth guards with Drs. Kai

Recently, Drs. Kenneth, Marcus and Lisa Kai were asked, "Just how important are mouth guards?"

"For those patients participating in spring sports, it's very important to wear a mouth guard while playing the sport," said Dr. Kai. "Should something (a ball, another player's elbow or other body part, etc) hit the patient's mouth, the mouth guard would protect the teeth, the lips, and cheeks from potential trauma. We provide mouth guards for our patients that play sports."

Drs. Marcus and Kenneth Kai agreed.

"We totally agree with Dr. Lisa. Wearing a mouth guard is very important to prevent any trauma to the teeth while playing sports. Both offices (in San Jose & Campbell) provide mouth guards for our patients. We may want to note that patients cannot use the standard, heat & mold mouth guards while in orthodontic treatment. When these are molded to the teeth, it would prevent orthodontic movement that we are trying to achieve."

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