Ask Dr. Lisa Kai: "What makes a great orthodontic patient?"

My patients and I are on the same team. We need to work together to ensure the best possible outcome for their treatment. I always do my best when they come for their appointments, and I expect the same out of them.

I expect that they do their best in having the best possible oral hygiene, that they wear their elastics and/or appliances as instructed, that they eat the right foods so as to not break their brackets and bands off, that they come to all their scheduled appointments with me, and that they see their general dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.

I would like my patients to understand that their treatment is a team effort and when everyone is doing their part then together we "win the game"; we produce a beautiful smile! A great patient is one who understands that we are working together, one who listens to instructions and takes responsibility for caring for their teeth and braces, one who keeps all their appointments, and one who communicates well with me. The more cooperative my patients are, the smoother their treatment will go, and the better the outcome of their teeth will be. The doctor-patient relationship can improve by having good communication from both the doctor and the patient, and good cooperation from the patient.

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