Braces FAQ with Dr. Marcus Kai

This week, Dr. Marcus Kai decided to answer some of the most frequently-asked questions we hear at our office.

Do you take the time to explain options to your patients, and what each procedure entails?

Yes, we believe that informing and educating our patients is very important for them. We start this from the very beginning, at the initial examination. We believe that It is not only important for the patient's own knowledge, but we also believe that when patients are aware of what is going on with their treatment, it keeps them engaged and motivated (good oral hygiene, compliance with elastics, wearing retainers, wearing aligners, etc.).

Do you partner with your patient’s other dental professionals to make sure they receive superior treatment?

Yes, we believe it is very important for all of our patients' dental health to remain in close communication with their general dentist or other dental specialists that are involved with their treatment. For their general dentist, we make sure that they are following-up with their regular check-up exams/recalls and cleanings. For an example, we like to coordinate with their dentist's office to have arch wires removed before the patients have their teeth cleaned. If other dental specialists (periodontist, oral surgeon, pediatric dentist, etc) are involved, we believe that working closely together and maintaining good communication is the best for their dental treatment.

Do you use state-of-the-art technology to make procedures more efficient and cause less discomfort?

Yes, both of our offices are all-digital offices. We attempt to be as "paperless" as possible. We do not have physical charts for our patients. Everything is stored on our secure server and the chart can be pulled chair-side. Our Campbell office has the latest technology in digital x-ray machines to provide very clear and lower radiation (when compared to film x-rays) x-rays.

Do you offer extras like wireless Internet access, coffee or snacks?

Yes, in both offices we provide wireless internet access to our patients and parents of patients.

Do you do anything that you feel sets you apart from other doctors in the area?

I feel that one thing that sets our practice apart is that we are truly a family practice. All three doctors (Drs. Kai, Marcus, and Lisa = father, son, and daughter) are constantly discussing our patients cases to make sure that their cases are being treated as efficiently as possible. It is like our own mini study club.

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