Technology Q & A with Drs. Kai

This week, the Doctors thought they'd answer a few questions about technology and how it shapes our offices.

As technology becomes more advanced, how has your role as an orthodontist changed?

Our role as orthodontists changes, as needed, to keep up with the latest technology and techniques. This is something that we are continually aware of and do our best to stay updated and informed. We do this by attending various continuing education (CE) courses and lectures.

How have your social networks and modern technology transformed the way you communicate with patients?

Through our social networks, we communicate important orthodontic topics/subjects, any updates or changes within our practices (our San Jose office remodel, new team members, etc), any continuing education (CE) courses that our doctors attend, or Dr. Kai's foreign lectures. Modern technology has allowed the ease of email to communicate with our patients very easily.

What do you make of networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, in reference to their role in doctor-patient or doctor-colleague relationships?

The more that we use Facebook and Twitter, the more we are enjoying it to inform our patients and keeping them engaged with current events of our practice and dental/orthodontic facts.

Is there a particular network or communication platform you enjoy the most?

We enjoy using them all! We would like to begin using Twitter and Youtube more though.

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