The multiloop edgewise arch wire (MEAW) is an orthodontic wire that was introduced over 40 years ago by Dr. Young H. Kim, an Orthodontic Professor at Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Kim came up with the technique of using a multiloop wire to treat open bites (where the upper front teeth do not overlap the lower teeth).

Professor Sadao Sato, an orthodontist from the University of Kanagawa in Japan, incorporated Dr. Kim’s Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire (MEAW) as a fundamental orthodontic tool. Prof. Sato’s treatment philosophy takes into consideration not only tooth movement, but also the adaptation capacity of the lower jaw (mandible) and jaw joints, based on solid functional principles. This philosophy involves braces, custom formed looped arch wires, and elastics to guide the teeth and bite into the correct position.

Dr. Marcus Kai has taken multiple, on-going orthodontic courses with Professor Sato to further his orthodontic education and treatment techniques. Dr. Marcus is nearly completing a 3-year orthodontic course above and beyond traditional orthodontic residency training. Advantages of Prof. Sato's functional orthodontics treatment philosophy include:

  • Thorough evaluation and information of all factors involved - muscles, bite, teeth, and jaw joints
  • Orthodontic treatment attempting to avoid jaw surgery
  • Orthodontic treatment attempting to avoid teeth extraction (removal)
  • Relief of jaw joint discomfort/pain and/or clicking/popping (TMJ/TMD)

Dr. Marcus is one of the few orthodontists trained under Professor Sato in the entire United States.